Nine-color LED innovation full spectrum technology

  The maturity of LED technology has gradually penetrated into the field of professional lighting, but the color rendering index CRI in the CIE chromaticity system based on the use of halogen light source has been unable to accurately evaluate the light color effect of LED. The subsequent TLCI is only for TV stations application.On May 18, 2015, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) released a new evaluation system for light source color development capabilities - IES TM-30-15 (hereinafter referred to as TM-30) ,which evaluates the color restoring ability of light sources through color reality (Rf) and color saturation (Rg).It compensates for the problem of insufficient color parameters of traditional evaluation light source, and provides calculation support for color reduction theory.


  However, there are few LED lamps on the market that can almost meet the requirements of this color evaluation standard.Recently, the domestic stage lighting innovative enterprise Guangzhou Brighten Technology launched a nine-color LED luminaire color performance highly in line with TM-30 this high index evaluation system, innovating the existing LED spectrum technology.Reporters from Alighting news Center interviewed Feng Chaojun, general manager of Brighten Technology(MONON), to learn about the unique charm of nine-color lamps and nine-color system software.

General Manager:Mr Jones

  Higher light quality demand, 9 color LED arises at the historic moment


 "All along, the biggest problem in domestic stage lighting is that there is no theoretical support for professional evaluation.”Mr Feng pointed out the drawbacks of the domestic stage lighting industry.CRI is the most widely used color evaluation standard in China, but its obvious shortcomings lead to uneven quality of domestic lamps at this stage, such as the most widely used RGB + white light, many colors appear incorrect, easy to over-saturation, and the color standards of human eyes and cameras can not be unified.


  In order to make up for the market blank of the stage lamp, Brighten Technology(MONON) has conducted in-depth research on multiple colors and continuous spectrum, and jointly developed a new spectrum technology with Rayben and LUMILEDS. 9-color LED came into being. It can meet the three different levels of standards of Ra, TLCI and TM-30 standards.


  Although the existing seven-color LED mixed light color on the market performs well,  but still can not make bright yellow in some color, so add two spectrum, the improved nine color is more perfect, and nine color also effectively avoid export patent problems. At present, nine color lamps and nine color matching software have applied for corresponding invention patents.


  Will the product cost be increased if the gloss quality is improved?In this regard, Mr. Feng said that if the cost of the nine-color system software is not counted, the cost of the lamps is almost the same.And in combination with product performance, the nine-color lamps are more cost-effective.Although the nine-color products are positioned in the high-end field, the future will be the popular products for color light.


  Industry is over-reliant on the supply chain?


  There are many current stage lighting manufacturers, and there are many well-known manufacturers in Guangzhou alone.For the existence of market competition, Feng summed up in one word: "chaos".He said that the homogenization of the domestic market is too serious, and many companies by reducing the quality of products to achieve price decline, leading to a vicious circle.They ignored the development of deepening the market and failed to study at a higher level."As a company, we must have core research and development to support its sustainable development." Mr. Feng stressed.


  In addition, he pointed out that the current industry is over-reliant on the supply chain. The company has not established its own R&D team, and basically uses the convenient supply chain to copy and manufacture low-priced products.


  Brighten Technology(MONON) has the core technological competitive advantage, does not rely on the supply chain, and develops all products independently, and has gradually formed a complete set of inspection and testing equipment system, which can independently evaluate product quality and ensure its quality.

On the other hand, Brighten Technology(MONON) has been processing and designing for big brands.


“Although the OEM has delayed the development of its new products to a certain extent, it has raised our management system to a higher level.”Mr. Feng said that the control measures of the big factories are brilliant. They use data and control methods to strictly control every link and avoid repetitive work.


  "This set of operating system is worth learning, in fact, at this stage, the real core competition does not lie in the level of technical level,because the industry only stays at the level of technology application.The real core competition lies in the guarantee and management system, how to develop a complete set of product system, ensure product quality.Although domestic LED technology is ahead of the world, it is difficult to achieve the stability of mass production while improving the quality.How to put the quality of control into the bones is the most worthwhile aspect of the enterprise. "Mr. Feng  analysis.We know that Brighten Technology(MONON) has been positioning and focusing on the field of professional lighting,mainly divided into three categories: mobile performance, commercial lighting, stage and TV station lighting.At present, the main lighting is stage lighting,, but with the promotion of nine colors, the products can be extended to the hotel lighting, commercial lighting, architectural lighting market, such as show venues, performance markets and other lighting places.The field of energy saving control and intelligent control system will also become one of the target markets in the future.

 For the new year's planning, Mr. Feng said that this year will vigorously promote the full-color high-color reduction lamps to make the lamps more professional.But in the domestic market, "education" is needed because it has relatively high cost compared with bulk products.For this reason, Brighten Technology(MONON) takes the expert's assessment and affirmation as a promotion breakthrough.And successfully organized the first technical seminar in January this year, letting experts and customers deeply understand that CRI color evaluation standards are outdated,and the new color evaluation standards are more in line with the current professional LED color requirements.Once the new color standard is established, MONON's nine-color lamps and nine-color system software will have an absolute competitive advantage.In the coming year, we will continue to conduct a number of seminars nationwide to quickly bring new products to market and build brand influence.


                                                                   Source: Alighting News Center

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